11 March, 2014


I'm glad to tell that I'm writing this post from home. I'm siting in my old room, in the beautiful house where I grow up and my dog is just here by my side (actually waiting playfully for me to throw him the ball). I arrived to Barcelona last thursday, on saturday we celebrated the birthday of my parents (they were born the same year on 7th and 8th of March, what a lovely coincidence isn't it!?) so I came home for a short holidays to celebrate their 60th birthday. It's always a pleasure coming home and seeing your people, I've been crazy busy. I'm not trying to show off at all, but the truth is that when you leave your home the few occasions when you come back there's a LOT of catch up to do.

I tried to post before and it's been impossible, but I'm sure you'll understand it… I'm on HOLIDAYS! I promise at least a brief post of my week here, and I'll try to post asap but honestly I won't stress myself about it at the moment. Life is too short and my dog is too cute (;

Kisses from BARCELONA!

02 March, 2014

The MARK Magazine, Brazil


Are you having a nice and deserved sunday? I am! It's so nice having finally some free time for myself, I'll probably spend it working on my laptop, I wanted to go out for a walk if it stops raining… fingers cross! 
This is a post I had ready to go for the last three months and today finally sees the light!
As some of you might remember, I was assisting a London stylist as an extra job few months ago, here you have the pictures of the first shoot I took part on. It was for The Mark Magazine from Barzil. The shoot took inspiration on the concept "heroin chic" but then evolved with the team style. Here is the result! I personally love the jacket of the first picture and the one below the text, what an amazing expressing garment full of color! I hope u guys like the result.