17 December, 2014


Hello gorgeous!
Let's talk about jewelry. Well, let me start again, let's talk about jewelry designers! I would like to dedicate this post to all the young designers, brilliant and talented, whom are fighting and trying to find their place in this overcrowded industry that is fashion ( after all we are all in the same boat, isn't it?). Today's post is meant to inspire and delight us. I've been doing some research and I collected images of some creations of jewelry designers based in London. You won't find diamonds or lots of gold (I'm not a fan of either of them) but the creativity, passion and artistic sense are guaranteed! I think some of this pieces are amazing and I would totally use them in any of my fashion editorials.
Which is you favourite?

13 December, 2014


 Good evening sunshines!
I'm actually writing this post laying in my bed because I'm sick :( But on the bright side I finally found time to update my blog! Today's outfit is an urban style, very casual. This kind of outfits are always brilliant because it doesn't matter if you have a job interview, a meeting or just another evening in the pub with some friends: you can wear them and look smart, trendy and most important... natural! I'll never get tired of mentioning that last point because I'm sick and tired of seeing fashion bloggers and "it" girls showing us (the mortal kind) stunning looks with not even a pinch of pragmatic sense. Life is made of instants, yeah (we all like the pictures were we look beautiful and cool), but a day has 24 hours and I rather prefer spending them being who I actually am.
This post is the perfect example. As you may have noticed the pictures were taken with a phone, my gorgeous (and single ;) ) friend Giorgio and I were spending the day together around Dalston and found this amazing spot. I truly love street art, in my opinion when the painter is talented graffiti is one more piece of art and I adore them.
My outfit, as I said, was very simple: high waist black jeans, checked super comfy sweater (with zippers on the sides which I soooo love), flat black boots and crossbody black bag. Oh! And of course my cat eye glasses that definitely make the whole look more interesting (:
I hope you like it!

08 December, 2014


Hey ya!
How are you doing guys? I bring you a new outfit that I'm sure you'll love, once more my lovely Oihane was behind the camera. We met in central London, to be more specific in Southbank because we were heading to the BFI and once more London gave us an amazing location. We pass by that vibrating wooden wall immediately stop to shoot there. The red seemed the perfect match with my b&w outfit where I was combining dots on the shorts and blazer with a baroque pattern in the sweater. I was feeling like an authentic londoner with that outfit and 100% me! I'm so in love with that shoes that I bought on Asos, comfy and cute perfect to walk around and so is the backpack. Two perfect complements full of personality and again... comfortable! I hope you like the result.