27 November, 2013


Hey ya! 
How are you doing? It's a lovely wednesday and I would like to share with you a new outfit post. 
I've been wiling to share this outfit with you because I'm absolutely in love with this shirt and the pictures that Oihane took. We meet that day near to her house (in Kings Cross area), and went to enjoy brunch on a lovely patisserie where we chat about our life, projects and of course ate apple pie with a large cappuccino, hehe. When we were walking we found this lovely street and decided to take some pictures there.
About the outfit, I bought the blouse in Topshop and I wanted to give it back to the store because I was afraid this garment won't be warm enough for London and it's weather... But I just couldn't, I find it super original and versatile. This shirt works perfectly with different styles and occasions. The patterning it's mainly what makes it so special. In that occasion, I decided to wear it with a dark blue jeans from Uni Qlo and an easy going heels. Btw, I know my hair is messy, but this is how I am (:
I hope you like it! Kisses from London, 
Clara Xx

21 November, 2013


Morning sunshines! Having a good day? Good, I like to hear that! I would like to share with you and easy going fashion editorial inspirational post! It was made from a spanish photographer which jobs I usually enjoy for her originality and sensitive touch, her name is Anne Galan

One of the things that I like from this fashion editorial is the way it was made in a studio with no extreme or colorful light effects and even though it doesn't look plain at all. The model fills the pictures with her attitude with being over "oh-who-cool-and-fashionable-I-am" and the few objects the complete the pictures work perfectly in my opinion. 

I think it's important to appreciate all those artists who work in this industry almost for free, trying to build a future for themselves with lots of hours of hard job and most of all illusion.

This project was published in H Magazine, being the first picture of that post the cover of the issue.

I hope you like it! Have a lovely day,
Clara Xx

19 November, 2013


 Good morning babes!
It's been a long time since I made any inspirational post... So here you are: New week, new inspirations! As many of you will probably do too, I spend lots of time picking images on internet, it's something that I enjoy doing and I'm constantly stocking them to be used as inspiration, idea, concept... for a future fashion editorial. Everything can help and everything counts! Lately, maybe because I was looking for sunglasses for myself, I found many interesting images related with sunglasses. I wanted to share them with you, and I know what you might be thinking "Clara, but it's almost December!" I know... But, So what!? Sunglasses are a brilliant complement that makes richer every outfit and there's no need to remark that we not use them only in summer (; As I was saying, I'm decided to get a new ones for myself and I'm almost decided to go for a round shaped ones in the style of the first picture after the text, what do you think about it? Of course it's all related to our face shape, but in my case it is quite long, so round glasses help me to bring balance.

Anyway, here you have the pictures, I'm sure you will fall in love many of the glasses as I did, enjoy and have a lovely day!

Kisses from London!
Xx Clara

14 November, 2013


 Hey ya!
Life is wonderful, isn't it!? Today I'm in a good mood and I would like to share it with you through this post, with an outfit full of energy and good vibes (; As we talk one month ago here, one of the trends of this season are the velvet garments, we are seeing it everywhere (especially now that christmas are already here). But I wanted to show you that velvet doesn't mean long sleeved dress and classy winter style, velvet can be exotic, sensual, retro or rock! As always, it's all about how we combine the garments and how we feel, attitude is what counts at the end.

For this outfit I chose a burgundy velvet crop top, jeans and a jacket with biker design inspiration. The mix reminded me of the 90's style so I decided to made an "all in!" with the hair style! I loved the result,  stylish but naughty, best combination if you ask me! I hope you guys like it too!

Kisses from London,
Clara xX

Pictures by Oihane Molinero

05 November, 2013


A new month is starting, a year is about to finish... I'm in a reflexive mood today.

Weather in London has changed, it's getting colder. I love this kind of days, when you are walking on the street, cold wind warning you winter will be here in less than you expect while you protect yourself behind a woolen scarf that was on the bottom of your wardrobe two weeks ago... And you look up in the sky and the sun is shinning, not a strong sun, not a warming sun but it stills shine for us, like a promise. Another good thing about the changing weather: I need to go shopping to be ready for this freezing days that are yet to come! And the streets of London are starting to dress up with all kind of lights and christmas decorations... So I feel positive, homesick but positive!

It's been just two months since I started this blog and with more than 3.000 visits I need to thank you all. There are so many things left to do, so many things to share, explain and above of all LIVE. We still have two months left of this 2013 before we say goodbye so, let's enjoy them, work hard and keep rocking and I'm sure they will be awesome!!

 Thanks for reading!! 

Kisses, Clara

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31 October, 2013


 Good morning darlings!

How are you feeling today? Almost friday right!? (; I would like to keep this good vibes going with the outfit I'm bringing today. Tree weeks ago I made an inspirational post about different (freaky) T-shirts in this outfit I'm wearing an example of what I meant. I felt in love with this t-shirt this last summer, I remember sawing it and thinking "that's the attitude!. It's comfortable, simple and I love the shape. But the protagonists of this outfit are also the jeans, maybe I should say THE jeans. Could a pair of jeans be cooler than this ones?! They are from the "MOTO" collection of Top Shop, I also have them on black (you can see them here and here), love their retro shape... I'm a oh-rock-'n-roll-me-please girl! I decided to complete the look with the cat eye sunglasses from ASOS.
The pictures are made Oihane Molinero, my unconditional lifesaver! I wanna thank her for sharing this adventure with me and of course for this great pictures!

Kisses from London!

29 October, 2013


Today I bring you another inspirational post about fashion editorials. This one comes from a fashion stylist college from Spain: Jose Herrera. Jose is an accomplished and experienced stylist, director of the Talents agency from Madrid. He started working designing complements and garments for cinema. When he was 19 years old traveled to Madrid where he stayed and started assisting professional stylist.

I personally admire his job and his originality. I find brilliant the way he manage to mix and match on his creations, keeping a perfect harmony between commercially and creative. This pictures are just an example, the editorial was focused on accessories more precisely BAGS. What do you think about it?

I wish you a lovely day!
xX Clara

25 October, 2013


Hello folks! 
I'm sorry about my lasts two weeks, I'm not posting as much as I would honestly like but it's for a good reason! I started working assisting a professional stylist and at the same time I still working in the Royal Academy of Arts in London with a part time to pay my rent, (gosh! Living in London is *ucking expensive!) So it's more difficult for me finding the proper time to do some nice outfits shooting. I would like to keep this blog updated at least three or four times a week, but I rather prefer doing quality post than taking some crapy pictures just to upload every day. 
Today I show you some pictures that my photographer friend Nico Ortiz took few weeks ago. He just arrived to London and we met for a coffee in Putney, he enjoys taking portraits so he just shoot me the way I am, with the clothes I was wearing that day: jeans, soft sweater (from New Looks winter collection) and Adidas snickers. Perfect look to walk around London, simple, warm, comfortable... and totally me! I hope you like it, have a lovely day... Ah! And if you like lemon cakes... Try the one on Costa ;)
Kisses from London!
xX Clara

22 October, 2013

Leyva CASH

Hello and good morning!
Today's post is another sample of one of my old jobs. This session was my humble tribute to one of the figures that I most adore: Johnny Cash. In this editorial we wanted to pay tribute to the singer from Nashville, a man who touched the hearts of millions of people and that even today, 10 years after his death, continues to inspire...
It was made a year ago, with a great team, people that i particularly enjoyed working with. I hope you guys love it as much as we do, have a lovely day!
Kisses from London,
Clara Xx

16 October, 2013


Hey ya! 
I bring you another fashion editorial post, to inspire our selves a little bit! It was realized by the accomplished fashion photographer Lara Jade. I felt in love with this editorial, especially with the following picture. I found it original and full of grace, the display, the location, and the clothing (this feathers skirt... My God!). Isn't it what fashion editorials should be? Something driving you to the imaginary world of their creators? Well, at least this is how I think they should be: a story told through pictures, a mirror of your imagination, dreams and fears, and of course, your passions.
Have a lovey day!
Clara Xx

15 October, 2013


Good morning babes! 
I'm in a rush so I'll be quick, Jeje Here you have an outfit post, with oriental inspiration! I also tried to show you another way to wear some velvet garments, as you might now, velvet is back as a trend and some of my friends were asking me "how can I wear it?", "It only seems appropriated for night time" "I look overdressed"... And it's simple! Find your "velvet crush", a garment that you'll feel confident wearing, something wearable with jeans (a pair of jeans always help ;)) or simply create something different inspired by this velvet fever! I used a crop top and a kimono both made with velvet material to make this exotic look, I hope you like it! Have a lovely day!!
Kisses from London!

PS: The pictures are all made by the photographer Oihane Molinero.

11 October, 2013


Good morning!
As the readers already know one of my passions are fashion editorials, that was the reason why I choose to study fashion design, to express and created concepts through fashion artistic side. 
Today I would like to share with you a fashion beauty editorial realized by the photographer Martin Sweers The first time I saw it I felt in love with the whole idea: the make, the clothes, the colors, the accessories, the attitude of the models ... I'm sure you'll agree it's beyond original! Those are the kind of shootings I love! The ones which express something, the ones that hit you, that make you react! 
What do you think about it? 

Make-up Ingrid van Hemert | Styling Iris Esther Woering| Models Puck @ Tjarda MM Sanne @ Micha Models

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10 October, 2013



Hello sugar pies! 
I had the idea of doing some posts from time to time about exhibitions going on in London related to Fashion. I thought since this blog talks about London and about fashion some of you might be interested on it. I'm just giving my humble opinion, so please don't be offended if I don't like something that you loved or I love something that you hated, at the end of the day this is a free world!  ;) 
Let's move on! I would like to start the first post about exhibitions talking about a regular one of the Victoria and Albert Museum. I saw it two months ago and I really enjoyed it, you can find it on the first floor of the museum (the museum holds many different exhibitions, some of them only for a short time) it's worthy to see it. I specially enjoyed the fashion collection: it spands five centuries. From 16th to some Vivienne Westood designs. I love costume clothes, so this exposition made my day! Male, female and even kids clothes mainly European (predominately English and French). You'll find stunning garments with all kind of details: folds, pleats, embroidery, ruffles, authentic art pieces of attire! The collection also includes a wide range of accessories that will left you speechless.
And don't forget about the textiles exhibition part: textiles from Predynastic Egypt to the present day. Almost all textile techniques are represented in their collections, including woven, printed and embroidered textiles, lace, tapestries and carpets. And if you still not tired, my suggestion would be to go to the asian exposition: you would find there some gorgeous kimonos sample and stunning  handmade katanas.

So, if you are around London go to South Kensington (underground Picadilly or District Line), and enjoy this exhibition for free ;) and let me know your thoughts about it!

xX Clara

09 October, 2013


I'm sure you are having a lovely week, I just feel in the mood to share with you this outfit, which I found appropriated for the weather we are staring to deal with here. Last week I met with my sweet Oihane. We went to the British Library, such a stunning place! And had some coffee and chatting there, jeje. It was a Saturday evening and weather (sunny in the morning) was quite cold. I took advantage of the situation and wore (for the first time!) my new coat from Primarks new collection which as some of you might remember I'm in love... I was wearing my topshop black jeans, from their MOTO collection, high waist all shcool, they keep every outfit rocking! And two old freinds, my stripes t-shirt and my favorite leather cap (don't alarm! it's not real leather). I love this cap, really it's so... me! The result was a casual outfit, nothing complicated but really cute in my opinion, a half mix of grunge and "je suis trés chic!" Nothing like mixing styles, isn't it?
All the pictures made by Oihane Molinero.

xX Clara

08 October, 2013


 Hi sunshines!
Here you have a new inspirational post about a trend that's coming stepping hard! I'm talking about the suit garments, the adaptation of male clothes for our wardrobes. I LOVE IT! Noble materials like wool and cottons, serious colors combined with pale ones and check prints above it. I'm a big fan of this trend, actually I'm a big fan of garments inspired on male clothes, because even they are not tight, or obviously sexy for me there's nothing more attractive than confidence and that's something we should wear everyday ;)

Have a nice tuesday!!

06 October, 2013


Another sunny Sunday in London! ^^ Life is wonderful!
Todays post is about a garment that I personally find stunning: This PJ Kimono Jacket. I found it in Topshop, and it was a crush! It remined me the past Louis Vuitton collection, mostly made by pijamas and night-time dresses, full of silk, gorgeous prints and jacquards. The rule saying all this garments were only meant to wear on our bedrooms is now broken. We saw the fashion pioneers wearing some samples of this clothes on the lasts fashion weeks and with todays pictures I join them!
I combined this dark blue kimono with a lovely green back crossed dress, simple, nice and comfortable! Have a lovely day folks! Kisses from London!

Xx Clara

03 October, 2013

FREE-AK ME baby!

Hey ya!
Today's inspirational post is full of fun! That's it, because elegance doesn't mean high heels and haute couture. I'm a big big fan of using fashion as expression. Clothes speak for you, they can show your personality, which mood you are in, what are you up to ... And nothing can speak louder than t-shirt! I am a BIG fan of T-shirt, I wouldn't be exaggerating if I say that probably I have one hundred of T-shirts collected all over the years. And my favorite T-shirts are the "freaks" ones! They are casual, smart and fun, and for me those attributes make me feel comfortable with an outfit, plus they can speak for me about my interests and concerns. In resum, T-shirts make me feel free! A year ago I created a fashion editorial about this subject, I'll show you some of the pictures soon, it was published on C-heads Magazine and I loved the result! There's not much more to say so, here you have some images and samples, KEEP ROCKING!!

Xx Clara

02 October, 2013


A few days ago, reviewing some catwalks, showrooms and street style of  London's fashion week, jumping from a site to another I found this video. I find it interesting and I decided to share it with you and bring a little debate
A part from the funny part of people staring at the camera waiting for a picture that never comes... (yes, that's fun, we all have been there hehe) lays the irony. Because seeing that video made me wonder:  Is it all about the pose? I don't mean to offend anybody, not at all, but every fashion week (wherever it is) brings this "look who fashionable I am" phenomenon. 
I really bet on risking, on trying, on daring to wear things that build your own style. Maybe the problem is that the line between original and ridiculous is very thin. Who knows... The good side of this is all the inspirations you can extract from here, whatever the outfit is extravagant or not. It's not about "I like it" or "I don't", as one of my teachers used to say what's important is if "it works".

At the end of the day it's each persons business how do they dress so, let the bagons be bagons (;

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01 October, 2013


 Hello! Today I'm coming with a playful outfit
Funny, super comfortable, easy, trendy and cute at the same time. The main garments are both from TopShop, from their new collection, which as always I love! The pencil skirt is printed with a picture of and old park, it's super original, full of details and colors. The textil is elastic, so even the shape of the skirt is tight you can walk, run, jump perfectly fine. The soft pink sweater is made of wool, and even it being quit short is super warm. I think it will become one of my favorites garments this winter, it maxes with almost every style. Believe me, I'm not a pink fan but there's something this sweater that makes me feel good! It brings my sweet side out i guess (;
I braided my hair and wore my burgundy military boots to add more personality to the look! Have fun!

29 September, 2013


Good morning! I hope you are enjoying your sunny sunday! I'm about to go out for a walk, you never now how much will sun last here in London.

Today I'm showing you another sample of my published editorials. That job was published in ADON Magazine and it's one of my favorite editorials :) Probably because the model was Michi, Michel Tromp, on of the nicest models I had the pleasure to work with! We met on a catalogue shot, where he was modeling and I was ironing, jeje, and since then we worked together a few more times. He was the perfect person for modeling what I had in mind, this kind of Klar Kent character, a handsome and shy guy, dressed with designer Charlotte Llamas collection, which made the project original and wowing! It was a collection fully made of checkered clothes. I selected some garments and mixed them with other clothes from more commercial brands like H&M and Mango to make the result more wearable. 
We named it "A day in the park", for the place the pictures where made: Ciutadella's Park (one of the oldest and most important park in Barcelona). 

I hope you guys like the result! 

Xx Clara

28 September, 2013

"The BACK"

The other day blogging around I found this lovely post "The real Jessica Rabbit" on Messy Nessy chic. This way I met Miss Vikki Dougan, the girl who seems inspirited the cartoon. She was a 50's "It" girl from Hollywood known with the nickname “The Back” for so often wearing her scandalously provocative backless dresses.
 That article made me smile, a part of the lovely pictures and the stunning girl (I love 50's!) it's always amusing who ciclic fashion is. This last season backless garments where a trend, and sixty years ago too! hehe. Anyway, it's a style that I love, and it seems is not leaving us yet...
So, I hope you like the pics folks, from now and then, here you have some backless garments inspiration!

27 September, 2013


Good morning! Here's another outfit post again. Few weeks ago, I talked about Primark's new collection (here) readers will remember how I felt in love with some garments. In this post you can see one of them: the black rose printed sweater. It's perfect! I can confirm that I'm one of those black-color-lovers. So, I decided to combine it with black garments and complements, adding the color touch with the socks and the earrings. The result is a mix between girly and rebel, one of my favorite styles. I love the final pictures with the brick wall behind, in relation with London's architectural environment... Every single street can give you and amazing background in here. 

Hope you like the results!

xX Clara

25 September, 2013


Hello! Today I will like to show you one of my favorites works. We did this fashion editorial last November here in London, in one of it's amazing scenarios, Wapping. 

I chose a street style clothing, to fit it with the place. I wanted it to be looking defiant and sexy, the model, Jana Balcazar, it's got a lot of sensual potential already so we played with that and gave a nostalgic touch to the looks (so it won't look to hard). We decided to call it Wapping Blues.
I had the pleasure to work with the photographer Gemma Albors, a colleague from Barcelona, who did in my opinion a stunning job!

The editorial was published on the printed version of I'm Image Magazine, March's 2013 Issue.

I hope you like it! 

23 September, 2013


Hi guys! This is an inspiration trend post. It seems this is my lucky year since the garments, the prints, the styles and the complements I adore are must have. Today I'm talking about the backpack.

It started last year, we saw it on Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, DKNY catwalks and it just went further. On the last 080 Barcelona fashion week, the designer Manuel Bolaño was suggesting an oversized version of this same backpack that made the spectators go crazy. And now you can find them on every store, from Primark to any designer brand.  We could see them on London Fashion Week, the streets of London are full of them... It's official, we've got the packback fever!!

For me this is such a blessing. Backpack have been my favorite kind of bags since always. You can see on the "looks" posts that I made I'm almost always carrying one. They are the most comfortable thing to wear and since they are hanging from your back it's difficult to lose them. You can put EVERYTHING on it! They are perfect for work when I have an editorial shooting: I can carry anything and move as free as I need. Even if you are going out, you can dance, jump, get messy...  and no strap will be falling from your shoulder again and again. So, know that they are trendy I'm seeing them in the mosts beautiful designs! This season I'll add a couple more to my collection for sure (; Hope you enjoy the post, and go for one as well, you won't regret it!

 Kisses from London!

19 September, 2013


Hey ya!

Today I'm bringing you the outfit I wore yesterday on London's Fashion Week.

This look it's about mixture
Yesterday I showed you a look about mixing jeans garments (here), today's outfit works the other way around: It's a mix of different prints.

I felt in love with the shirt when I saw it in Topshop. It's a mix of matching prints, same colors but stripes, spots and squares to crate a smart visual effect. 
I was determinate to prove that fashion is about risking. Of course we all follow trends, we are affected by them without even noticing but I think it's really important to always keep your style. Whatever the trend is make it yours!
That's why I wore my old tartan print trousers, to bring my punk side to the look and I must say I adore the result: simple, comfortable and fashionable as well. 

I love the pictures, my friend Oihane Molinero is behind the camera, she did an amazing job because, let's face it... I'm not really photogenic hehe. We took the pictures in one of the terraces of Somerset House, an historical building, legacy from the Tudor monarchy.

I hope you like the result guys! 

18 September, 2013


Hello dears!

Yesterday Berta (my BF) and I took the camera and went outside to capture this total look jeans for you! The weather was awful, raining non-stop, but "it's London babe!" so we didn't let the rain bring us down! 

About the look, total jeans was a trend of the last a/w but I loved it before that and I still so I just refuse to let it go. GIVE ME JEANS AND I'LL BE HAPPY! They look go on everybody, their blue colors bring light to our faces plus they are comfortable and easy going. Perfect basics that can't be missing in any wardrobe, and with those basics you can create more elaborated looks like that one. You just need to add some nice complements and mix different jeans garment! I invite you to try it and show me the results please! 

Kisses from London!