22 October, 2014


Hey ya!
Good morning everyone! Today I bring you a very colorful post, a street style outfit with a military inspiration. As you might have guessed the pictures were taken two weeks ago, once more by my lovely Oihane Molinero, whom I want to thank again not only for the amazing pictures but for all the fun we have while taking them. You can actually see it in some of the pictures where I coulnd't stop laughing.
I wanted to show you my lastest adquisition: the bomber jacket I'm wearing in the pictures. Since the jacket is dark green I decided to combine it with my high waist military shorts (or as I call them joking my "girl-scout" shorts!) and then I add the color touch with the crop top, wich I particulary love. It's comfortable and sexy, and it was perfect to show you an exemple of opositte colors combination (which seems a difficult match but always work great, like orange and blue). I was wearing my yellow glasses, the ones that I've caring everywhere with me this summer (in London, Italy and Spain) and where a perfect and funny match with the background that we found in the skater park of Southbank. The glasses, the orange lutch and the boots (that are seriously comfortable!) were all the complements needed to turn a simple outfit into something fun an original: Ready to enjoy the evening with my friend siting in the sun, chating while guys from all over the world rided their skates around!

20 October, 2014

"Le Bondage" CROP TOP

Hello guys!
This is an old post that I've been working on for a couple of months. Honestly I enjoyed it. I've been collecting images related with this inspirational post to bring something as attractive, interesting and...sensual as the garment I'm talking about. By now, we all got use to crop tops, this short t-shirts, this wink to the 90's that flooded our catwalk and streets. But some of them were meant to bring controversy. I don't know why but usually these are the kind of things I enjoy the most. Once more, fashion nourished from one of our society taboos: Sex, or what's more forbidden fetishism. It's just beautiful how easily fashion can twist the rules! This last season bondage inspiration crop tops have been a valued acquisition for many of us, am I right? ;) I wore one in my post Oriental Velvet. But the side that I loved the most about this trend coming back are all the amazing fashion editorials and pictures that appeared with it. The velt-vest, the corsets, all the random creations inspirited in fantasies… Honestly, It's just beautiful to enjoy all this elaborated complements, made by not so famous artists fellows designers who may not always fit with the commercial standards.

And more, do you remember the song?

"Everybody's looking for something.
Some of them want to use you
Some of them want to get used by you
Some of them want to abuse you
Some of them want to be abused…"

I hope you'll enjoy the pics, 
Good night!

08 October, 2014


Hello beautiful people!
Today I would like to share with you some pictures that the always amazing Oihane Molinero took from me this last September. We were willing to catch up after our holidays so we decided to meet in Waterloo, Central London. One of the things that I love the most of this area are the views… It's touristic point but it's worth to come here to have a coffee and walk by the river. We couldn't ask for a more gorgeous and londonite background.
For the occasion I was wearing one of my favorites garments ever! A simple and comfortable long black dress. Honestly guys, perfect. You can wear it at any occasion, with any other garments and complements and as I said it's soooo comfortable. Plus remember the old tip: Black garments will always make you look slender (; As you'll see that outfit was all about the complements. With them I created a boho look, one of my favorite styles which is been an amazing popular trend. Could we say that surprised us? I don't think so. Boho, California look, Woodstock inspiration… It doesn't matter how we call it it always comes back and I think the reason it's just that we long for it. It feels natural, easy, girly in a strong kind of way… and therefore it feels good!
I'll miss this trend , it never looks as good as it does in Summer time no matter how hard we try. So farewell my beloved Boho, see you in few months!


02 October, 2014

Hello October, Hello Autumn!

Hello again!

It's a pleasure to be back. I missed this blank-page feeling, you know? When everything is waiting to be written everything is possible. 

Maybe I should start with an apology. Perhaps you would like to know the reason why I haven't been writing at all this last half year… But guys, what can I say? Sometimes things are not going right and you just don't have the will to write, then they start to get better and better (a new job, a new man, holidays… a new adventure…!) and that keeps you from writing all the same. Anyway, let's focus on the present! If I do this blog it's because I enjoy it and I hope you enjoy it too so, If you'd missed me… all the better! I did appreciate the couple of e-mails that I received from some of you asking me to post again, thank you guys! I'll try not to let you down and post more often (:

It's 2nd of October pals! We are starting a new season. I must say here in London we had an amazing lovely weather this summer and luckily for us we are still enjoying a very nice weather. Still, the time to change the clothes on our wardrobes has come. For all those who love to know about this new season trends, for all those who couldn't care less about what The fashion industry wants us to wear… It's time to say farewell to our beloved summer dresses and embrace cozy sweaters and old and new coats! Autumn just arrived with this new month and I say WELCOME OCTOBER!

Kisses from London!