22 October, 2014


Hey ya!
Good morning everyone! Today I bring you a very colorful post, a street style outfit with a military inspiration. As you might have guessed the pictures were taken two weeks ago, once more by my lovely Oihane Molinero, whom I want to thank again not only for the amazing pictures but for all the fun we have while taking them. You can actually see it in some of the pictures where I coulnd't stop laughing.
I wanted to show you my lastest adquisition: the bomber jacket I'm wearing in the pictures. Since the jacket is dark green I decided to combine it with my high waist military shorts (or as I call them joking my "girl-scout" shorts!) and then I add the color touch with the crop top, wich I particulary love. It's comfortable and sexy, and it was perfect to show you an exemple of opositte colors combination (which seems a difficult match but always work great, like orange and blue). I was wearing my yellow glasses, the ones that I've caring everywhere with me this summer (in London, Italy and Spain) and where a perfect and funny match with the background that we found in the skater park of Southbank. The glasses, the orange lutch and the boots (that are seriously comfortable!) were all the complements needed to turn a simple outfit into something fun an original: Ready to enjoy the evening with my friend siting in the sun, chating while guys from all over the world rided their skates around!

Jacket: Primark
Shorts: Dalston vinatge store
Clutch: Primark
Sunglasses: ASOS UK
Necklace: H&M
Earings: Primark
Boots: ASOS UK

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