27 November, 2013


Hey ya! 
How are you doing? It's a lovely wednesday and I would like to share with you a new outfit post. 
I've been wiling to share this outfit with you because I'm absolutely in love with this shirt and the pictures that Oihane took. We meet that day near to her house (in Kings Cross area), and went to enjoy brunch on a lovely patisserie where we chat about our life, projects and of course ate apple pie with a large cappuccino, hehe. When we were walking we found this lovely street and decided to take some pictures there.
About the outfit, I bought the blouse in Topshop and I wanted to give it back to the store because I was afraid this garment won't be warm enough for London and it's weather... But I just couldn't, I find it super original and versatile. This shirt works perfectly with different styles and occasions. The patterning it's mainly what makes it so special. In that occasion, I decided to wear it with a dark blue jeans from Uni Qlo and an easy going heels. Btw, I know my hair is messy, but this is how I am (:
I hope you like it! Kisses from London, 
Clara Xx

21 November, 2013


Morning sunshines! Having a good day? Good, I like to hear that! I would like to share with you and easy going fashion editorial inspirational post! It was made from a spanish photographer which jobs I usually enjoy for her originality and sensitive touch, her name is Anne Galan

One of the things that I like from this fashion editorial is the way it was made in a studio with no extreme or colorful light effects and even though it doesn't look plain at all. The model fills the pictures with her attitude with being over "oh-who-cool-and-fashionable-I-am" and the few objects the complete the pictures work perfectly in my opinion. 

I think it's important to appreciate all those artists who work in this industry almost for free, trying to build a future for themselves with lots of hours of hard job and most of all illusion.

This project was published in H Magazine, being the first picture of that post the cover of the issue.

I hope you like it! Have a lovely day,
Clara Xx

19 November, 2013


 Good morning babes!
It's been a long time since I made any inspirational post... So here you are: New week, new inspirations! As many of you will probably do too, I spend lots of time picking images on internet, it's something that I enjoy doing and I'm constantly stocking them to be used as inspiration, idea, concept... for a future fashion editorial. Everything can help and everything counts! Lately, maybe because I was looking for sunglasses for myself, I found many interesting images related with sunglasses. I wanted to share them with you, and I know what you might be thinking "Clara, but it's almost December!" I know... But, So what!? Sunglasses are a brilliant complement that makes richer every outfit and there's no need to remark that we not use them only in summer (; As I was saying, I'm decided to get a new ones for myself and I'm almost decided to go for a round shaped ones in the style of the first picture after the text, what do you think about it? Of course it's all related to our face shape, but in my case it is quite long, so round glasses help me to bring balance.

Anyway, here you have the pictures, I'm sure you will fall in love many of the glasses as I did, enjoy and have a lovely day!

Kisses from London!
Xx Clara

14 November, 2013


 Hey ya!
Life is wonderful, isn't it!? Today I'm in a good mood and I would like to share it with you through this post, with an outfit full of energy and good vibes (; As we talk one month ago here, one of the trends of this season are the velvet garments, we are seeing it everywhere (especially now that christmas are already here). But I wanted to show you that velvet doesn't mean long sleeved dress and classy winter style, velvet can be exotic, sensual, retro or rock! As always, it's all about how we combine the garments and how we feel, attitude is what counts at the end.

For this outfit I chose a burgundy velvet crop top, jeans and a jacket with biker design inspiration. The mix reminded me of the 90's style so I decided to made an "all in!" with the hair style! I loved the result,  stylish but naughty, best combination if you ask me! I hope you guys like it too!

Kisses from London,
Clara xX

Pictures by Oihane Molinero

05 November, 2013


A new month is starting, a year is about to finish... I'm in a reflexive mood today.

Weather in London has changed, it's getting colder. I love this kind of days, when you are walking on the street, cold wind warning you winter will be here in less than you expect while you protect yourself behind a woolen scarf that was on the bottom of your wardrobe two weeks ago... And you look up in the sky and the sun is shinning, not a strong sun, not a warming sun but it stills shine for us, like a promise. Another good thing about the changing weather: I need to go shopping to be ready for this freezing days that are yet to come! And the streets of London are starting to dress up with all kind of lights and christmas decorations... So I feel positive, homesick but positive!

It's been just two months since I started this blog and with more than 3.000 visits I need to thank you all. There are so many things left to do, so many things to share, explain and above of all LIVE. We still have two months left of this 2013 before we say goodbye so, let's enjoy them, work hard and keep rocking and I'm sure they will be awesome!!

 Thanks for reading!! 

Kisses, Clara

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