17 December, 2014


Hello gorgeous!
Let's talk about jewelry. Well, let me start again, let's talk about jewelry designers! I would like to dedicate this post to all the young designers, brilliant and talented, whom are fighting and trying to find their place in this overcrowded industry that is fashion ( after all we are all in the same boat, isn't it?). Today's post is meant to inspire and delight us. I've been doing some research and I collected images of some creations of jewelry designers based in London. You won't find diamonds or lots of gold (I'm not a fan of either of them) but the creativity, passion and artistic sense are guaranteed! I think some of this pieces are amazing and I would totally use them in any of my fashion editorials.
Which is you favourite?

13 December, 2014


 Good evening sunshines!
I'm actually writing this post laying in my bed because I'm sick :( But on the bright side I finally found time to update my blog! Today's outfit is an urban style, very casual. This kind of outfits are always brilliant because it doesn't matter if you have a job interview, a meeting or just another evening in the pub with some friends: you can wear them and look smart, trendy and most important... natural! I'll never get tired of mentioning that last point because I'm sick and tired of seeing fashion bloggers and "it" girls showing us (the mortal kind) stunning looks with not even a pinch of pragmatic sense. Life is made of instants, yeah (we all like the pictures were we look beautiful and cool), but a day has 24 hours and I rather prefer spending them being who I actually am.
This post is the perfect example. As you may have noticed the pictures were taken with a phone, my gorgeous (and single ;) ) friend Giorgio and I were spending the day together around Dalston and found this amazing spot. I truly love street art, in my opinion when the painter is talented graffiti is one more piece of art and I adore them.
My outfit, as I said, was very simple: high waist black jeans, checked super comfy sweater (with zippers on the sides which I soooo love), flat black boots and crossbody black bag. Oh! And of course my cat eye glasses that definitely make the whole look more interesting (:
I hope you like it!

08 December, 2014


Hey ya!
How are you doing guys? I bring you a new outfit that I'm sure you'll love, once more my lovely Oihane was behind the camera. We met in central London, to be more specific in Southbank because we were heading to the BFI and once more London gave us an amazing location. We pass by that vibrating wooden wall immediately stop to shoot there. The red seemed the perfect match with my b&w outfit where I was combining dots on the shorts and blazer with a baroque pattern in the sweater. I was feeling like an authentic londoner with that outfit and 100% me! I'm so in love with that shoes that I bought on Asos, comfy and cute perfect to walk around and so is the backpack. Two perfect complements full of personality and again... comfortable! I hope you like the result.

30 November, 2014


Hello cuties!
Today I bring you a fashion editorial were I collaborated as a fashion stylist assistant few months ago in London. It was a hard work , doing this job it's not always easy specially when you are running up and down all around this huge city picking up all the clothes and accessories. Plus it had a lot of handcraft work for the preparation. But at the end, all the efforts have been worth when you see the result. Rossella Vanon is a skilled and amazing fashion photographer. The job she did in this editorial blow my mind away!
The pictures were published in PAUSE Magazine, being one of them the cover of the issue.
I hope you like it! Here the link of the publication, enjoy what's left of this lovely sunday! (;

Nighty  night!
Photography and retouching - Rossella Vanon
Styling - Marina de Magalhaes
Hair - Noriko Takayama using Bumble & Bumble
Make-up - Lara Himpelmann using M.A.C
Model - Joshua at AMCK Models
Photography Assistance - Phoebe Cheong
Styling Assistance -  Clara Li, Gina Trias and
Camilla Sverdrup-Thygeson
 Hair Assistance - Sho

18 November, 2014


Good evening everyone!
How are you guys doing? I've been very busy lately and I haven't been able to publish as often as I would have wanted but it's all for a good reason... I've been promoted! Which is a very cool thing but obviously makes me be much more busy than before (not that I was Miss. Freetime). However, I'm very happy and motivated :) 
Today I found time to bring you a new post. Once more the pictures were taken by Oihane Molinero a talented London based photographer friend of mine. We met for a a drink in central London, I was going to a farwell party later on that evening so I was wearing a "night-out" outfit. While we walked looking for a new cool place (we always enjoy to improvise, trying places where we never been before) we saw a carousel and decided that the universe had put it in our way so we could use it for a shooting. Seriously guys... You can not imagine how many fun we had! There was a moment when I was laughing so hard that I almost felt from the horse! Anyway, I must admit it's one of my favourites outfits so far and I love the pictures Oihane took. Easy and comfortable, just a black playsuit and a gorgeous embroided jacket (which I personally adore by it's originality, simplicity and beauty) a pair of high heels and my favourite necklace (a key that I found on the street when I had been living in London for only two months and I called the-key-to-success, yes, I believe in signs ;) ).
 I hope you enjoy this pictures as much as we enjoyed taking them,
Kisses from London!

07 November, 2014


Good morning guys!
I guess you are all very excited since today it's Friday and we have the so-waited weekend in front of us. Today I'm sharing with you a fashion editorial that I published some time ago in Blanc Magazine. That issue had an Asian theme so as you can imagine lots of the fashion editorials featured Asian looking models. We wanted to be different and decided to inspire ourselves by the Indian and Arabic stories of sultans and concubines, beautiful dancers and youth treasures kept in harems.
For that occasion all the clothes we used were designed and hand crafted by myself, which I really enjoyed. It's truly fulfilling to imagine a thing in your head and being able to bring it to live. Those skills that I learn with my fashion degree are, I think, the most precious ones to me. I had the pleasure of working again with Anneke Necro in this photo shoot. She is an alternative model from Barcelona who is very dear to me for every time I work with her I can see on the result how she totally understands the concept and makes hers my clothes. The pictures where published under the name Opium and were very popular among the viewers.

Have a lovely weekend !

22 October, 2014


Hey ya!
Good morning everyone! Today I bring you a very colorful post, a street style outfit with a military inspiration. As you might have guessed the pictures were taken two weeks ago, once more by my lovely Oihane Molinero, whom I want to thank again not only for the amazing pictures but for all the fun we have while taking them. You can actually see it in some of the pictures where I coulnd't stop laughing.
I wanted to show you my lastest adquisition: the bomber jacket I'm wearing in the pictures. Since the jacket is dark green I decided to combine it with my high waist military shorts (or as I call them joking my "girl-scout" shorts!) and then I add the color touch with the crop top, wich I particulary love. It's comfortable and sexy, and it was perfect to show you an exemple of opositte colors combination (which seems a difficult match but always work great, like orange and blue). I was wearing my yellow glasses, the ones that I've caring everywhere with me this summer (in London, Italy and Spain) and where a perfect and funny match with the background that we found in the skater park of Southbank. The glasses, the orange lutch and the boots (that are seriously comfortable!) were all the complements needed to turn a simple outfit into something fun an original: Ready to enjoy the evening with my friend siting in the sun, chating while guys from all over the world rided their skates around!

20 October, 2014

"Le Bondage" CROP TOP

Hello guys!
This is an old post that I've been working on for a couple of months. Honestly I enjoyed it. I've been collecting images related with this inspirational post to bring something as attractive, interesting and...sensual as the garment I'm talking about. By now, we all got use to crop tops, this short t-shirts, this wink to the 90's that flooded our catwalk and streets. But some of them were meant to bring controversy. I don't know why but usually these are the kind of things I enjoy the most. Once more, fashion nourished from one of our society taboos: Sex, or what's more forbidden fetishism. It's just beautiful how easily fashion can twist the rules! This last season bondage inspiration crop tops have been a valued acquisition for many of us, am I right? ;) I wore one in my post Oriental Velvet. But the side that I loved the most about this trend coming back are all the amazing fashion editorials and pictures that appeared with it. The velt-vest, the corsets, all the random creations inspirited in fantasies… Honestly, It's just beautiful to enjoy all this elaborated complements, made by not so famous artists fellows designers who may not always fit with the commercial standards.

And more, do you remember the song?

"Everybody's looking for something.
Some of them want to use you
Some of them want to get used by you
Some of them want to abuse you
Some of them want to be abused…"

I hope you'll enjoy the pics, 
Good night!

08 October, 2014


Hello beautiful people!
Today I would like to share with you some pictures that the always amazing Oihane Molinero took from me this last September. We were willing to catch up after our holidays so we decided to meet in Waterloo, Central London. One of the things that I love the most of this area are the views… It's touristic point but it's worth to come here to have a coffee and walk by the river. We couldn't ask for a more gorgeous and londonite background.
For the occasion I was wearing one of my favorites garments ever! A simple and comfortable long black dress. Honestly guys, perfect. You can wear it at any occasion, with any other garments and complements and as I said it's soooo comfortable. Plus remember the old tip: Black garments will always make you look slender (; As you'll see that outfit was all about the complements. With them I created a boho look, one of my favorite styles which is been an amazing popular trend. Could we say that surprised us? I don't think so. Boho, California look, Woodstock inspiration… It doesn't matter how we call it it always comes back and I think the reason it's just that we long for it. It feels natural, easy, girly in a strong kind of way… and therefore it feels good!
I'll miss this trend , it never looks as good as it does in Summer time no matter how hard we try. So farewell my beloved Boho, see you in few months!


02 October, 2014

Hello October, Hello Autumn!

Hello again!

It's a pleasure to be back. I missed this blank-page feeling, you know? When everything is waiting to be written everything is possible. 

Maybe I should start with an apology. Perhaps you would like to know the reason why I haven't been writing at all this last half year… But guys, what can I say? Sometimes things are not going right and you just don't have the will to write, then they start to get better and better (a new job, a new man, holidays… a new adventure…!) and that keeps you from writing all the same. Anyway, let's focus on the present! If I do this blog it's because I enjoy it and I hope you enjoy it too so, If you'd missed me… all the better! I did appreciate the couple of e-mails that I received from some of you asking me to post again, thank you guys! I'll try not to let you down and post more often (:

It's 2nd of October pals! We are starting a new season. I must say here in London we had an amazing lovely weather this summer and luckily for us we are still enjoying a very nice weather. Still, the time to change the clothes on our wardrobes has come. For all those who love to know about this new season trends, for all those who couldn't care less about what The fashion industry wants us to wear… It's time to say farewell to our beloved summer dresses and embrace cozy sweaters and old and new coats! Autumn just arrived with this new month and I say WELCOME OCTOBER!

Kisses from London!

11 March, 2014


I'm glad to tell that I'm writing this post from home. I'm siting in my old room, in the beautiful house where I grow up and my dog is just here by my side (actually waiting playfully for me to throw him the ball). I arrived to Barcelona last thursday, on saturday we celebrated the birthday of my parents (they were born the same year on 7th and 8th of March, what a lovely coincidence isn't it!?) so I came home for a short holidays to celebrate their 60th birthday. It's always a pleasure coming home and seeing your people, I've been crazy busy. I'm not trying to show off at all, but the truth is that when you leave your home the few occasions when you come back there's a LOT of catch up to do.

I tried to post before and it's been impossible, but I'm sure you'll understand it… I'm on HOLIDAYS! I promise at least a brief post of my week here, and I'll try to post asap but honestly I won't stress myself about it at the moment. Life is too short and my dog is too cute (;

Kisses from BARCELONA!

02 March, 2014

The MARK Magazine, Brazil


Are you having a nice and deserved sunday? I am! It's so nice having finally some free time for myself, I'll probably spend it working on my laptop, I wanted to go out for a walk if it stops raining… fingers cross! 
This is a post I had ready to go for the last three months and today finally sees the light!
As some of you might remember, I was assisting a London stylist as an extra job few months ago, here you have the pictures of the first shoot I took part on. It was for The Mark Magazine from Barzil. The shoot took inspiration on the concept "heroin chic" but then evolved with the team style. Here is the result! I personally love the jacket of the first picture and the one below the text, what an amazing expressing garment full of color! I hope u guys like the result.


28 February, 2014


Good morning guys! It's Friday! I couldn't be happier cause I'm flying home in less than one week ^^
Today I'm sharing with you another casual outfit, one very cozy and comfortable, made up by Topshop garments. I showed you the trousers on the post  RUDE, as you can see I tried to create to different feelings with the same trousers. On this one, I add a blue sweater creating a monochrome outfit. The result was very 80's and sweet, so I decided to brake it a little and old biker boots (I love old and use garments and complements… to more destroyed they are the more authentic they look to me). The belt is vintage, another treasure from a second hand store from Dalston, don't worry, one day I'll made a post only about that subject.

I hope you guys like the result as much as I did: simple but elegant and 100% myself. I also love the scenario of this pictures, you can see behind me the Hotel Saint Pancras of London, which has a amazing and gorgeous building. All the pictures made by Oihane Molinero.
Have and amazing weekend,

27 February, 2014


Hello again!
One of the worst things of me not posting during the last two month is all the things I miss to share here. One of them, and it really make me mad with myself, is the exhibitions post of Club to Catwalk, which finished last week. Even though you won't be able to see it anymore I think it's worth to share my thoughts about it, the subject might interest you and you can do some research if you'd like, or perhaps you saw it and want to share your opinion with me (which I would sincerely enjoy!).

The exhibition was a the V&A Museum, I went the with my boyfriend who also enjoyed the exhibitions, almost as much as I did. Unfortunately for all of us pictures were not allowed, so I can only explain what I saw and felt. As soon as we got in, all kind of tunes from 80's hit us. It was playing "sweet dreams" from Marilyn Manson. The exhibition had to floors on the lower one we found window displays with mannequins showing some of the creations of the main designers of the decade: Chrissie Walsh, Willy Brown, Paul Smith, Joe Casely Hayford (who worked with the The Clash, band that I personally admire in many aspects), Georgina Von Etzdorf, Timney Fowler,  Scott Crolla, Helen Storey (whom dresses wore Madonna and Cher), Milliner Stephen Jones, Margaret Howell, Betty Jackson, Jasper Conran, Katherine Hamnet and among them John Galliano and Vivienne Westwood.

Magazines such as i-D, Blitz and The Face featured models drawn from the streets and the club, who redifined the ideals of beauty. Magazines were at the heart of the new concept of styling that was more about an attitude than creating a fashionable look. Customizing was one of the keys of the periode, garments like denim and ma-1 flying jackets bexame popular and people start costumizing them turning and uniform into autentic individual and unique outfit. It was an era of unadulterated creativity. The voluminos shape of the 80 disapeared and was replaced with a new figure of hugging look. The trend was driven by advances in the textile technology which allowedalmost any material to have strechabke fibres woven on it.

What we saw on those windows and the catwalk and performance videos projected on the walls was creativity on top. Everything was allowed, all was meant to explore. And no garment was similar to another. A Galliano's quote that I read there resumes perfectly what this decade and the people where about: "On friday everybody at school (Central Saint Martins) was busy finishing the outfit for the night"
Clubs,  became a place to show yourself: everybody was trying to be different, to be seen, to go further than the others on their way to build their singular personality. The New Romantic style began at the Blitz Club where Steve Strange doors policy assured only the most creatives get entrance. New romantic wardrobe was defined by its individualism the fashions were nostalgic and theatrical.

The hard times look with ripped t-shirts, torn jeans and marlon brando inspired leather jackets: though, masculine and sexy. The antitesy of the new romantic. 

Another style of the period was glam fetish: malcom mclaren and vivienne westwood introduced fetish and bondage wear to the club and the scene.
Goth look emerged from a combination of punk, fetish and the 80s obsesion with dressing up.  sensibility and dramaric style black taffeta, lace and leather were combined with deathly make up dyed black backcombed hair and macabre references to the occult.

For us, some of this designs might look like costumes now a days, but I can guarantee you some others are master pieces, challenging patterns and gorgeous drapeaus, daring colors and prints that created an era defined by self identity.
Have a lovely day,

26 February, 2014

PRADA s/s 2014

Hi guys!

I've been whiling to do this post since I saw, few days ago, the video of Prada's spring/summer 2014 women's advertising campaign. 
We saw their new collection on latest Milan fashion week in a show that left us all breathless and became one of the strongest performance in this mfw. Let me make my point, I'm an always-black person, I just love it and for me to fall in love with a colorful garments it's never easy. This collection took over me: It was REBEL. There was an artistic element influencing everything, starting with the murals that were the background of the show: all kind of visions of womanhood, bringing the graffiti street art to the scenario and the clothes as well. The color block of the collection couldn't be more provocative and smart. This collection and it's woman were calling feminism and it couldn't hit me louder.

The video is another brilliant creation: A black background, great choice of sound, beautiful models with different characteristics, and the clothes... I just love it.  I think is smart and funny the way they played foolish the models in some of the scenes, this is just my opinion but I think is something the public enjoys. 

This campaign reach us, and makes us want more. I played the video five times trying to watch the all the girls, their reactions, their acting, their performance... And after viewing it so many times I conclude the result it's brilliant, fresh and inspiring.

Kisses from London,

22 February, 2014


Hi everyone,

It's been a long time since published the last post. I would like to start by apologizing, not cool disappearing, I know. This is not a personal blog (maybe one day I start an anonymous one, just to release myself!), so I won't make it long by explaining my reasons. Long short story I lost a person that had a huge importance and my life, and I hadn't been on my most motivated moment... But HERE WE GO AGAIN, because there's nothing better than enjoying something that feels yours to feel yourself. Not making any mad promises: I'm not a full time blogger, I'm a full time human being that needs to work on a full time job to pay her bills and arrives home very, very tired some days... But spring is around the corner and I'm starting to feels it's good vibes.

So to the dreamers, the workers, the ones who hated the make up of the latest D&G catwalk, the people who gets up early, to the ones whom go to sleep late... To those who don't give up, HERE WE GO AGAIN.