28 February, 2014


Good morning guys! It's Friday! I couldn't be happier cause I'm flying home in less than one week ^^
Today I'm sharing with you another casual outfit, one very cozy and comfortable, made up by Topshop garments. I showed you the trousers on the post  RUDE, as you can see I tried to create to different feelings with the same trousers. On this one, I add a blue sweater creating a monochrome outfit. The result was very 80's and sweet, so I decided to brake it a little and old biker boots (I love old and use garments and complements… to more destroyed they are the more authentic they look to me). The belt is vintage, another treasure from a second hand store from Dalston, don't worry, one day I'll made a post only about that subject.

I hope you guys like the result as much as I did: simple but elegant and 100% myself. I also love the scenario of this pictures, you can see behind me the Hotel Saint Pancras of London, which has a amazing and gorgeous building. All the pictures made by Oihane Molinero.
Have and amazing weekend,

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  1. Este Look me ha enamorado. Tan sencillo, tan real y aun asi tan estiloso. Iba a decir: jo las Botas me encantan! Pero es que tambien me encanta El Jersey y los vaqueros y tu!
    Y que Puedo decir de El lugar donde te has hecho las fotos? Menudo Fondo MeryPopiense mas maravilloso! Es un lugar publico? Te ha colado? O es la Azotea de tu Casa?



  2. Me encanto el look!!!!!! Buenas fotos ;)

    -Stephanie Guerrero

  3. wow such cool photos and beautiful location!

    francesca from Frank Vinyl

  4. Ciao Carlota! Me alegro que te haya gustado el look porque lo siento muy mío y es muy cómodo! La verdad es que el sitio es la azotea de casa de Oihane, un sitio espectacularrrr! Hicimos una shotting estilo total denim que espero poder publicar en magazine muy prontito para poder compartir las fotos con vosotros. Un beso! (:


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