22 February, 2014


Hi everyone,

It's been a long time since published the last post. I would like to start by apologizing, not cool disappearing, I know. This is not a personal blog (maybe one day I start an anonymous one, just to release myself!), so I won't make it long by explaining my reasons. Long short story I lost a person that had a huge importance and my life, and I hadn't been on my most motivated moment... But HERE WE GO AGAIN, because there's nothing better than enjoying something that feels yours to feel yourself. Not making any mad promises: I'm not a full time blogger, I'm a full time human being that needs to work on a full time job to pay her bills and arrives home very, very tired some days... But spring is around the corner and I'm starting to feels it's good vibes.

So to the dreamers, the workers, the ones who hated the make up of the latest D&G catwalk, the people who gets up early, to the ones whom go to sleep late... To those who don't give up, HERE WE GO AGAIN.


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