26 February, 2014

PRADA s/s 2014

Hi guys!

I've been whiling to do this post since I saw, few days ago, the video of Prada's spring/summer 2014 women's advertising campaign. 
We saw their new collection on latest Milan fashion week in a show that left us all breathless and became one of the strongest performance in this mfw. Let me make my point, I'm an always-black person, I just love it and for me to fall in love with a colorful garments it's never easy. This collection took over me: It was REBEL. There was an artistic element influencing everything, starting with the murals that were the background of the show: all kind of visions of womanhood, bringing the graffiti street art to the scenario and the clothes as well. The color block of the collection couldn't be more provocative and smart. This collection and it's woman were calling feminism and it couldn't hit me louder.

The video is another brilliant creation: A black background, great choice of sound, beautiful models with different characteristics, and the clothes... I just love it.  I think is smart and funny the way they played foolish the models in some of the scenes, this is just my opinion but I think is something the public enjoys. 

This campaign reach us, and makes us want more. I played the video five times trying to watch the all the girls, their reactions, their acting, their performance... And after viewing it so many times I conclude the result it's brilliant, fresh and inspiring.

Kisses from London,

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check it out !

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