29 September, 2013


Good morning! I hope you are enjoying your sunny sunday! I'm about to go out for a walk, you never now how much will sun last here in London.

Today I'm showing you another sample of my published editorials. That job was published in ADON Magazine and it's one of my favorite editorials :) Probably because the model was Michi, Michel Tromp, on of the nicest models I had the pleasure to work with! We met on a catalogue shot, where he was modeling and I was ironing, jeje, and since then we worked together a few more times. He was the perfect person for modeling what I had in mind, this kind of Klar Kent character, a handsome and shy guy, dressed with designer Charlotte Llamas collection, which made the project original and wowing! It was a collection fully made of checkered clothes. I selected some garments and mixed them with other clothes from more commercial brands like H&M and Mango to make the result more wearable. 
We named it "A day in the park", for the place the pictures where made: Ciutadella's Park (one of the oldest and most important park in Barcelona). 

I hope you guys like the result! 

Xx Clara

28 September, 2013

"The BACK"

The other day blogging around I found this lovely post "The real Jessica Rabbit" on Messy Nessy chic. This way I met Miss Vikki Dougan, the girl who seems inspirited the cartoon. She was a 50's "It" girl from Hollywood known with the nickname “The Back” for so often wearing her scandalously provocative backless dresses.
 That article made me smile, a part of the lovely pictures and the stunning girl (I love 50's!) it's always amusing who ciclic fashion is. This last season backless garments where a trend, and sixty years ago too! hehe. Anyway, it's a style that I love, and it seems is not leaving us yet...
So, I hope you like the pics folks, from now and then, here you have some backless garments inspiration!

27 September, 2013


Good morning! Here's another outfit post again. Few weeks ago, I talked about Primark's new collection (here) readers will remember how I felt in love with some garments. In this post you can see one of them: the black rose printed sweater. It's perfect! I can confirm that I'm one of those black-color-lovers. So, I decided to combine it with black garments and complements, adding the color touch with the socks and the earrings. The result is a mix between girly and rebel, one of my favorite styles. I love the final pictures with the brick wall behind, in relation with London's architectural environment... Every single street can give you and amazing background in here. 

Hope you like the results!

xX Clara

25 September, 2013


Hello! Today I will like to show you one of my favorites works. We did this fashion editorial last November here in London, in one of it's amazing scenarios, Wapping. 

I chose a street style clothing, to fit it with the place. I wanted it to be looking defiant and sexy, the model, Jana Balcazar, it's got a lot of sensual potential already so we played with that and gave a nostalgic touch to the looks (so it won't look to hard). We decided to call it Wapping Blues.
I had the pleasure to work with the photographer Gemma Albors, a colleague from Barcelona, who did in my opinion a stunning job!

The editorial was published on the printed version of I'm Image Magazine, March's 2013 Issue.

I hope you like it! 

23 September, 2013


Hi guys! This is an inspiration trend post. It seems this is my lucky year since the garments, the prints, the styles and the complements I adore are must have. Today I'm talking about the backpack.

It started last year, we saw it on Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, DKNY catwalks and it just went further. On the last 080 Barcelona fashion week, the designer Manuel Bolaño was suggesting an oversized version of this same backpack that made the spectators go crazy. And now you can find them on every store, from Primark to any designer brand.  We could see them on London Fashion Week, the streets of London are full of them... It's official, we've got the packback fever!!

For me this is such a blessing. Backpack have been my favorite kind of bags since always. You can see on the "looks" posts that I made I'm almost always carrying one. They are the most comfortable thing to wear and since they are hanging from your back it's difficult to lose them. You can put EVERYTHING on it! They are perfect for work when I have an editorial shooting: I can carry anything and move as free as I need. Even if you are going out, you can dance, jump, get messy...  and no strap will be falling from your shoulder again and again. So, know that they are trendy I'm seeing them in the mosts beautiful designs! This season I'll add a couple more to my collection for sure (; Hope you enjoy the post, and go for one as well, you won't regret it!

 Kisses from London!

19 September, 2013


Hey ya!

Today I'm bringing you the outfit I wore yesterday on London's Fashion Week.

This look it's about mixture
Yesterday I showed you a look about mixing jeans garments (here), today's outfit works the other way around: It's a mix of different prints.

I felt in love with the shirt when I saw it in Topshop. It's a mix of matching prints, same colors but stripes, spots and squares to crate a smart visual effect. 
I was determinate to prove that fashion is about risking. Of course we all follow trends, we are affected by them without even noticing but I think it's really important to always keep your style. Whatever the trend is make it yours!
That's why I wore my old tartan print trousers, to bring my punk side to the look and I must say I adore the result: simple, comfortable and fashionable as well. 

I love the pictures, my friend Oihane Molinero is behind the camera, she did an amazing job because, let's face it... I'm not really photogenic hehe. We took the pictures in one of the terraces of Somerset House, an historical building, legacy from the Tudor monarchy.

I hope you like the result guys! 

18 September, 2013


Hello dears!

Yesterday Berta (my BF) and I took the camera and went outside to capture this total look jeans for you! The weather was awful, raining non-stop, but "it's London babe!" so we didn't let the rain bring us down! 

About the look, total jeans was a trend of the last a/w but I loved it before that and I still so I just refuse to let it go. GIVE ME JEANS AND I'LL BE HAPPY! They look go on everybody, their blue colors bring light to our faces plus they are comfortable and easy going. Perfect basics that can't be missing in any wardrobe, and with those basics you can create more elaborated looks like that one. You just need to add some nice complements and mix different jeans garment! I invite you to try it and show me the results please! 

Kisses from London!

16 September, 2013


Good morning sunshines!

Today I would like to show you the outfit I wore on London's Campus Party. As I told you a couple of days ago (here), last week my photographer-friend Oihane invited me to go with her.
Before we took the tube, we decided to stop and find a place with views to the city. The sunset was about to finish, so we didn't have to much time, but here is the result! The colors on the sky with Canary Wharf in front of it were amazing!

I was wearing a long black skirt open on both sides (I love this garment but sometimes can be difficult to walk with it!), top burgundy matching with the socks, my best-bag-friend, my black backpack and platform biker boots (to brake with the classy side of the look).

I hope you like the results! Oihane is an artist, if you would like to see more pictures of her sneak a peek here: Oihane Molinero.

Have a lovely day!

15 September, 2013


Hello again!

Today I'm bringing you an inspirational post about RINGS.
 I thought it could  give you a closer impression of "how I am" (or at least which things I like!).
I made a recompilation about this complement, ring, for me one of the most important when it comes to jewelry.

Earrings and necklaces are almost touching our faces, that's why some people give them more credit, but what about our hands best friends? We're using our hands all day: to remove that annoying hair on our face, to lay our cheek on it, to express ourselves with our body language... So, let's dress them! A ring is the perfect complement to show your personality, to add the "freaky" touch. It can also represent the part that nobody can take away from your spirit... Maybe it seems exaggerated but in my opinion it's all about the details, and a ring can be the richest one!


13 September, 2013


Hi there!
Today I would like to talk you about a fashion brand that I discovered recently, their name is CuteCircuit.

Last week I attended to London's Campus Party, my photographer friend Oihane had an extra pass and she asked me if I would like to join her. Of course I said yes! Always ready to learn something new! They had an area for planned speeches and presentations of creatives, Vivienne Weswtood was supposed to talk but for a reason I ignore she didn't came. As a fashion lovers that we are, Oihane and I decided to go to the only presentation related to fashion going on there but what we listened was far beyond the concept of fashion we are used to.

Francesca Rosella, the creative director of the brand did the talking while her cofounder and CEO Ryan Genz listened in a more shy position. 
She introduced us to their concept of fashion, which mix smart textiles and fashion design with micro-electronics. She showed us dresses were you can decided what to project on it, changing patterns, clothes that react and shine with your movement, garments full of lights... CuteCircut "has been pushing the boundaries of wearable technology" and it's something that must be seen! 
They have worked with celebrities like Nicole Scherzinger and Katy Perry. 
Trying to make this high-tech fashion for all publics they created three different design lines: prêt-à-porter, haute couture and special projects.

CuteCircuit "always wanted to create something resonant, fashionable and special, visually and emotionally attractive". Well I must say they succeed, I was amused and impressed by their cleverness. Even though if this is the future of fashion, are we ready?

Pictures of their prat-à-porter designs

Galazy Dress, exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago
Katy Perry ET at American Idol 2011
Jackets for the U2 tour

CuteCircuit is headquartered in Shoreditch, the artistic heart of London.

check it out !

11 September, 2013


Good morning! 
As the once whom live here might have already noticed the weather in London it's starting to get colder. It's a pity, I know, we all enjoyed those sunny days... But always look at the bright side of life! (as Monty Pythons would sing) Autumn is here so we can get our wardrobes ready for the new season! Speaking about that I would like to call your attention to what will become one of the most important garments of this season: the biker jacket. 

We saw this jackets on the catwalks of some of the most important designers. Philip Lim (his inspiration this season were bikers, there was a lot of leather on his collection and moto jackets, vest, sweatshirts...), Bluemarine (more leather, the colors were baby-pink and light blue but the shape of the jackets were calling "rock and roll"!), Givenchy (in black leather and different floral prints, amazing!), Etro, Diesel Black Gold, Hermés, Yves Saint Laurent... Even Kenzo came out with an abolutley delightful jackets that remand me the ones we are talking about.

As always those looks will move to retail and I'M SO PLEASED. I love biker jackets!! For true. They have so many personality, they can bring the rebel side to any outfit, breaking monotony, telling something more about yourself and in my opinion they match with almost everything! Since I already have three of them in black maybe this year I'll dare to buy one like the one Daria Werbowy was wearing on the cover of Vogue Septembers issue, stunning! Of course I mean something similar and not the Balenciaga's one that cost 1.625 pounds... If I was a rich girl! (;

I let you with some inspirations for all kind of tastes, kisses!

10 September, 2013


Hello everyone! Today it's raining non-stop here in London. It isn't the best choice doing something outdoors... So I thought it would be nice bringing some color with that post. Nowadays it's really normal seeing people walking around the streets of London with their hair painted in one or many different colors. A few years ago, painting you hair green or blue meant something, it was different, it was rebel.

Nearly 2 years ago, I met with the first person who was wearing this hair style in Barcelona and she was my alternative model-friend Anneke Necrophyle.
Of course, it is still a way of expressing yourself but let's face it: it's also a trend. People from all edges and styles are wearing it in many different ways: full color, full color with different intensities, mixture of colors, only few wicks... Some of them are using wigs, some of them extensions.

How did it become so normal? Was it Rihanna with her intense red or Lady Gaga with her massive color hair-style display? For me, it was when I saw the campaign of United Colors of Benetton. The model Charlotte Free (cover picture) and her stunning pink made me thought "That's the BANG!". Today many trendy and IT girls are coloring themselves and some results are amazing!! 

Which are your opinions about it? Would you dare to paint your hair like this? Maybe wearing it extensions?

I leave you with some of the examples that I personally like a lot. Have a lovely day! (:

09 September, 2013


Hello guys! I'm doing my first style-post with some pics of this last August in London. First of all, let me say this pictures weren't made for the blog, that's why there's no picture were you can see the whole outfit :( Sorry about that! I could say that's also the reason why my hair looks so messy... but I would be lying! hehe Even though, I love this pictures because they are natural and the day, the roses and the moment in the park were gorgeous!
 I'm wearing a total black look, really simple but isn't it the best option to walk around London parks? 
Long black dress with no sleeves and black hat as a chic touch (; 
Hope you like it, cheers!

Hola chic@s! Estoy haciendo mi primer post-style con unas fotografías de este pasado Agosto en Londres. Antes que nada, dejadme decir que estas fotografías no fueron tomadas para el blog, por eso no hay ninguna de cuerpo entero donde podáis ver todo el estilismo :( Lo siento! Podría deciros que esta es la razón por la cual llevo estos pelos pero estaría mintiendo! jeje Aun así, me encantan estas fotografías porque son naturales y el día, las rosas y ese rato en el parque fueron geniales!
Llevo un total look negro, muy simple pero ¿no es esta la mejor opción para andar por el parque?
Vestido largo negro sin mangas y sombrero negro para darle el toque chic.
Espero que os guste, salu2!

08 September, 2013


Hello ladies and gentlemen!
Please fasten your seat-belts and get ready because Primark's AUTUMN/WINTER '13 COLLECTION is coming and it's coming really strong. 
I'm already wondering how am I gonna pay all those things... And you may think "Well, Primark is not so expensive..." I know guys but I just want to buy everything!! Sneak a peek at their new collection (here) and tell me what you think about it.

 I personally love the male-female mixture on the clothes. They played with contrast to find the perfect balance between elegant and rebel. The collection has inspirations of rock, grunge, and punk styles. It's sport deluxe with feminine shapes and fabrics at the same time. 

 They call it HIGHLAND GRUNGE and I say long life to it!!

Here you have some pictures with my favorite looks:

Hola señores y señoras!
Por favor abróchense los cinturones y prepárense porque la Colección otoño/invierno '13 de Primark está llegando y lo hace con mucha fuerza. Me pregunto como lo haré para pagar todas estas cosas... Y quizás penséis "Bueno, Primark no es caro..." Lo sé chicos pero es que lo quiero comprar todo!! Echad un ojo a su nueva colección (aquí) y decidme que os parece.

A mi personalmente me encanta esta mezcla de estilos masculino-femenino en las prendas. Han jugado con el contraste hasta encontrar el equilibrio perfecto entre elegante y rebelde. La colección toma inspiraciones del los estilos rock, grunge y punk. Es sport de luxe con formas y tejidos femeninos al mismo tiempo.

Lo llaman HIGHLAND GRUNGE y yo digo larga vida!!

Aquí os dejo algunas fotos con mis looks favoritos:


Hi there! 

My name is Clara. I'm a fashion wardrobe stylist born in Barcelona, residing in London.
After finishing my Fashion Design degree I completed my studies with a post-graduated degree in the creation of costumes and scenic fashion. 

You can think  "Oh, another fashion girl" because I do search trends, looks, inspirations, different fashion editorials and go shopping. But that's not all.

My passion is to create and innovate. The opportunity of unify different artistic fields into just one concept turn my love for fashion editorials into an authentic passion. Using fashion as a tool to realize art in living forms, reflecting social and cultural concepts. Explore and develop all kind of ideas.
I love my job, it gives me the freedom to invent worlds, tell stories and express myself.

Other things that touch me: Good movies (Tarantino films drive me crazy). Listening to old rocksteady, soul and rock n' roll music (sometimes I feel that I was born in the wrong edge!). Practicing pilates gym and horse riding. Riding, I can get lose into a book. Belly dance (at least I try!). And of course, walking around London, searching, with it walls as a landscape.

· · ·

Mi nombre es Clara. Soy una estilista de moda nacida en Barcelona, residiendo en Londres en la actualidad.
Después de acabar la carrera de Diseño de Moda completé mis estudios con un post-grado sobre creación de vestuario y moda escénica.

Quizás estéis pensando "Oh, otra chica adicta a la moda"  pues sí que es cierto que busco tendencias, looks, inspiraciones, editoriales de moda y voy de compras. Pero eso no es todo.
Mis pasiones son crear e innovar. La oportunidad de unir diferentes campos artísticos en un solo concepto hace que mi amor por las editoriales de moda se vuelva en una auténtica pasión. Uso la moda para crear arte en formas de vida, reflejando conceptos sociales y culturales. Explorar y desenvolver toda clase de ideas.
Amo mi trabajo, me de la libertad de inventar mundos, contar historias y expresarme.

Otras cosas que me llegan: El buen cine (me chiflan las películas de Tarantino). Escuchar antigua música rocksteady, soul o rock 'n roll (a veces siento que nació en la época equivocada!). Practicar Pilates o montar a caballo. Leer, puedo perderme en un libro. Danza del vientre (o al menos lo intento!). Y por supuesto, andar por las calles de Londres, buscando, con sus paredes como paisajes.

check it out !

07 September, 2013


Hello everyone and WELCOME to WALLS OF LONDON!!

This blog it's only four days all and I'm still working on it, but I'm happy to say that very, very soon I'll start writing about FASHION, STYLE, TRENDS, my job as a STYLIST and of course all this things  and many MORE in the scenario I'm living in: LONDON.

Thanks for your patience, I'll post you soon (;

Hola a todo el mundo y BIENVENIDOS a WALLS OF LONDON!!

Este blog nació hace cuatro días y aún sigo trabajando en él, pero estoy muy, muy contenta de decir que prontito empezaré a escribir sobre MODA, ESTILO, TENDENCIAS, mi trabajo como ESTILISTA y por supuesto todo esto y más en el escenario en el que vivo: LONDRES.

Gracias por vuestra paciencia, "postraré" pronto (;