10 September, 2013


Hello everyone! Today it's raining non-stop here in London. It isn't the best choice doing something outdoors... So I thought it would be nice bringing some color with that post. Nowadays it's really normal seeing people walking around the streets of London with their hair painted in one or many different colors. A few years ago, painting you hair green or blue meant something, it was different, it was rebel.

Nearly 2 years ago, I met with the first person who was wearing this hair style in Barcelona and she was my alternative model-friend Anneke Necrophyle.
Of course, it is still a way of expressing yourself but let's face it: it's also a trend. People from all edges and styles are wearing it in many different ways: full color, full color with different intensities, mixture of colors, only few wicks... Some of them are using wigs, some of them extensions.

How did it become so normal? Was it Rihanna with her intense red or Lady Gaga with her massive color hair-style display? For me, it was when I saw the campaign of United Colors of Benetton. The model Charlotte Free (cover picture) and her stunning pink made me thought "That's the BANG!". Today many trendy and IT girls are coloring themselves and some results are amazing!! 

Which are your opinions about it? Would you dare to paint your hair like this? Maybe wearing it extensions?

I leave you with some of the examples that I personally like a lot. Have a lovely day! (:


check it out !


  1. great pink hair !


    1. I agree! The pink ones are so sweet... But I also adore the blue-grey ones, such a beauties!


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