23 September, 2013


Hi guys! This is an inspiration trend post. It seems this is my lucky year since the garments, the prints, the styles and the complements I adore are must have. Today I'm talking about the backpack.

It started last year, we saw it on Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, DKNY catwalks and it just went further. On the last 080 Barcelona fashion week, the designer Manuel Bolaño was suggesting an oversized version of this same backpack that made the spectators go crazy. And now you can find them on every store, from Primark to any designer brand.  We could see them on London Fashion Week, the streets of London are full of them... It's official, we've got the packback fever!!

For me this is such a blessing. Backpack have been my favorite kind of bags since always. You can see on the "looks" posts that I made I'm almost always carrying one. They are the most comfortable thing to wear and since they are hanging from your back it's difficult to lose them. You can put EVERYTHING on it! They are perfect for work when I have an editorial shooting: I can carry anything and move as free as I need. Even if you are going out, you can dance, jump, get messy...  and no strap will be falling from your shoulder again and again. So, know that they are trendy I'm seeing them in the mosts beautiful designs! This season I'll add a couple more to my collection for sure (; Hope you enjoy the post, and go for one as well, you won't regret it!

 Kisses from London!


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  1. I never liked to carry a backpack, but these pictures show the backpack so chic that I'm starting to like it!



  2. I invite you to try one, maybe you can get a cutie and cheap just to see how you feel wearing it, but I'm sure once you try them you'll became as fan as I am (; Please let me know!


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