13 September, 2013


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Today I would like to talk you about a fashion brand that I discovered recently, their name is CuteCircuit.

Last week I attended to London's Campus Party, my photographer friend Oihane had an extra pass and she asked me if I would like to join her. Of course I said yes! Always ready to learn something new! They had an area for planned speeches and presentations of creatives, Vivienne Weswtood was supposed to talk but for a reason I ignore she didn't came. As a fashion lovers that we are, Oihane and I decided to go to the only presentation related to fashion going on there but what we listened was far beyond the concept of fashion we are used to.

Francesca Rosella, the creative director of the brand did the talking while her cofounder and CEO Ryan Genz listened in a more shy position. 
She introduced us to their concept of fashion, which mix smart textiles and fashion design with micro-electronics. She showed us dresses were you can decided what to project on it, changing patterns, clothes that react and shine with your movement, garments full of lights... CuteCircut "has been pushing the boundaries of wearable technology" and it's something that must be seen! 
They have worked with celebrities like Nicole Scherzinger and Katy Perry. 
Trying to make this high-tech fashion for all publics they created three different design lines: prêt-à-porter, haute couture and special projects.

CuteCircuit "always wanted to create something resonant, fashionable and special, visually and emotionally attractive". Well I must say they succeed, I was amused and impressed by their cleverness. Even though if this is the future of fashion, are we ready?

Pictures of their prat-à-porter designs

Galazy Dress, exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago
Katy Perry ET at American Idol 2011
Jackets for the U2 tour

CuteCircuit is headquartered in Shoreditch, the artistic heart of London.

check it out !

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