28 September, 2013

"The BACK"

The other day blogging around I found this lovely post "The real Jessica Rabbit" on Messy Nessy chic. This way I met Miss Vikki Dougan, the girl who seems inspirited the cartoon. She was a 50's "It" girl from Hollywood known with the nickname “The Back” for so often wearing her scandalously provocative backless dresses.
 That article made me smile, a part of the lovely pictures and the stunning girl (I love 50's!) it's always amusing who ciclic fashion is. This last season backless garments where a trend, and sixty years ago too! hehe. Anyway, it's a style that I love, and it seems is not leaving us yet...
So, I hope you like the pics folks, from now and then, here you have some backless garments inspiration!


check it out !

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