07 September, 2013


Hello everyone and WELCOME to WALLS OF LONDON!!

This blog it's only four days all and I'm still working on it, but I'm happy to say that very, very soon I'll start writing about FASHION, STYLE, TRENDS, my job as a STYLIST and of course all this things  and many MORE in the scenario I'm living in: LONDON.

Thanks for your patience, I'll post you soon (;

Hola a todo el mundo y BIENVENIDOS a WALLS OF LONDON!!

Este blog nació hace cuatro días y aún sigo trabajando en él, pero estoy muy, muy contenta de decir que prontito empezaré a escribir sobre MODA, ESTILO, TENDENCIAS, mi trabajo como ESTILISTA y por supuesto todo esto y más en el escenario en el que vivo: LONDRES.

Gracias por vuestra paciencia, "postraré" pronto (;


  1. Hola sweetie!
    I took a look at your blog and I like it because it really spreads a taste of "London"! London: one of my favourite cities!
    I'm in Italy and if you want we can follow each other, don't you think?
    I've already moved the first steps with my blog but day by day I'm trying to improve it.

    Good job dear!



    1. Ciao cara!!
      Grazie mile for your words!!
      It's been only one week since I started this blog, but I'm trying to give the best of me :)
      I've seen you do the same! Congratulations! We are in touch!! *


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