08 December, 2014


Hey ya!
How are you doing guys? I bring you a new outfit that I'm sure you'll love, once more my lovely Oihane was behind the camera. We met in central London, to be more specific in Southbank because we were heading to the BFI and once more London gave us an amazing location. We pass by that vibrating wooden wall immediately stop to shoot there. The red seemed the perfect match with my b&w outfit where I was combining dots on the shorts and blazer with a baroque pattern in the sweater. I was feeling like an authentic londoner with that outfit and 100% me! I'm so in love with that shoes that I bought on Asos, comfy and cute perfect to walk around and so is the backpack. Two perfect complements full of personality and again... comfortable! I hope you like the result.

Blazer & Jacket:Primark
Sweater: Primark
Shoes: London Rebel
Backpack: River Island
Hat: River Island 
Earings: Primark
Rings: Indian souvenir

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