07 November, 2014


Good morning guys!
I guess you are all very excited since today it's Friday and we have the so-waited weekend in front of us. Today I'm sharing with you a fashion editorial that I published some time ago in Blanc Magazine. That issue had an Asian theme so as you can imagine lots of the fashion editorials featured Asian looking models. We wanted to be different and decided to inspire ourselves by the Indian and Arabic stories of sultans and concubines, beautiful dancers and youth treasures kept in harems.
For that occasion all the clothes we used were designed and hand crafted by myself, which I really enjoyed. It's truly fulfilling to imagine a thing in your head and being able to bring it to live. Those skills that I learn with my fashion degree are, I think, the most precious ones to me. I had the pleasure of working again with Anneke Necro in this photo shoot. She is an alternative model from Barcelona who is very dear to me for every time I work with her I can see on the result how she totally understands the concept and makes hers my clothes. The pictures where published under the name Opium and were very popular among the viewers.

Have a lovely weekend !
Photography: Maria José Castillo Pérez
Model: Anneke Necrophyle
Clothes design and stylish: Clara Li
Assitant Photgrapher: Nancy Thompson

Published in Blanc Magazine

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