18 November, 2014


Good evening everyone!
How are you guys doing? I've been very busy lately and I haven't been able to publish as often as I would have wanted but it's all for a good reason... I've been promoted! Which is a very cool thing but obviously makes me be much more busy than before (not that I was Miss. Freetime). However, I'm very happy and motivated :) 
Today I found time to bring you a new post. Once more the pictures were taken by Oihane Molinero a talented London based photographer friend of mine. We met for a a drink in central London, I was going to a farwell party later on that evening so I was wearing a "night-out" outfit. While we walked looking for a new cool place (we always enjoy to improvise, trying places where we never been before) we saw a carousel and decided that the universe had put it in our way so we could use it for a shooting. Seriously guys... You can not imagine how many fun we had! There was a moment when I was laughing so hard that I almost felt from the horse! Anyway, I must admit it's one of my favourites outfits so far and I love the pictures Oihane took. Easy and comfortable, just a black playsuit and a gorgeous embroided jacket (which I personally adore by it's originality, simplicity and beauty) a pair of high heels and my favourite necklace (a key that I found on the street when I had been living in London for only two months and I called the-key-to-success, yes, I believe in signs ;) ).
 I hope you enjoy this pictures as much as we enjoyed taking them,
Kisses from London!

Playsuit: Topshop
Jacket: Asos
Shoes: Zara
Handbag: Primark

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