19 November, 2013


 Good morning babes!
It's been a long time since I made any inspirational post... So here you are: New week, new inspirations! As many of you will probably do too, I spend lots of time picking images on internet, it's something that I enjoy doing and I'm constantly stocking them to be used as inspiration, idea, concept... for a future fashion editorial. Everything can help and everything counts! Lately, maybe because I was looking for sunglasses for myself, I found many interesting images related with sunglasses. I wanted to share them with you, and I know what you might be thinking "Clara, but it's almost December!" I know... But, So what!? Sunglasses are a brilliant complement that makes richer every outfit and there's no need to remark that we not use them only in summer (; As I was saying, I'm decided to get a new ones for myself and I'm almost decided to go for a round shaped ones in the style of the first picture after the text, what do you think about it? Of course it's all related to our face shape, but in my case it is quite long, so round glasses help me to bring balance.

Anyway, here you have the pictures, I'm sure you will fall in love many of the glasses as I did, enjoy and have a lovely day!

Kisses from London!
Xx Clara

Thanks for reading, 

check it out !

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