05 November, 2013


A new month is starting, a year is about to finish... I'm in a reflexive mood today.

Weather in London has changed, it's getting colder. I love this kind of days, when you are walking on the street, cold wind warning you winter will be here in less than you expect while you protect yourself behind a woolen scarf that was on the bottom of your wardrobe two weeks ago... And you look up in the sky and the sun is shinning, not a strong sun, not a warming sun but it stills shine for us, like a promise. Another good thing about the changing weather: I need to go shopping to be ready for this freezing days that are yet to come! And the streets of London are starting to dress up with all kind of lights and christmas decorations... So I feel positive, homesick but positive!

It's been just two months since I started this blog and with more than 3.000 visits I need to thank you all. There are so many things left to do, so many things to share, explain and above of all LIVE. We still have two months left of this 2013 before we say goodbye so, let's enjoy them, work hard and keep rocking and I'm sure they will be awesome!!

 Thanks for reading!! 

Kisses, Clara

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