10 October, 2013



Hello sugar pies! 
I had the idea of doing some posts from time to time about exhibitions going on in London related to Fashion. I thought since this blog talks about London and about fashion some of you might be interested on it. I'm just giving my humble opinion, so please don't be offended if I don't like something that you loved or I love something that you hated, at the end of the day this is a free world!  ;) 
Let's move on! I would like to start the first post about exhibitions talking about a regular one of the Victoria and Albert Museum. I saw it two months ago and I really enjoyed it, you can find it on the first floor of the museum (the museum holds many different exhibitions, some of them only for a short time) it's worthy to see it. I specially enjoyed the fashion collection: it spands five centuries. From 16th to some Vivienne Westood designs. I love costume clothes, so this exposition made my day! Male, female and even kids clothes mainly European (predominately English and French). You'll find stunning garments with all kind of details: folds, pleats, embroidery, ruffles, authentic art pieces of attire! The collection also includes a wide range of accessories that will left you speechless.
And don't forget about the textiles exhibition part: textiles from Predynastic Egypt to the present day. Almost all textile techniques are represented in their collections, including woven, printed and embroidered textiles, lace, tapestries and carpets. And if you still not tired, my suggestion would be to go to the asian exposition: you would find there some gorgeous kimonos sample and stunning  handmade katanas.

So, if you are around London go to South Kensington (underground Picadilly or District Line), and enjoy this exhibition for free ;) and let me know your thoughts about it!

xX Clara

Some textile samples you can find

check it out !


  1. Love it
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  2. Beautiful pieces! xx


  3. I would die if I went there, gorgeous pieces.



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