02 October, 2013


A few days ago, reviewing some catwalks, showrooms and street style of  London's fashion week, jumping from a site to another I found this video. I find it interesting and I decided to share it with you and bring a little debate
A part from the funny part of people staring at the camera waiting for a picture that never comes... (yes, that's fun, we all have been there hehe) lays the irony. Because seeing that video made me wonder:  Is it all about the pose? I don't mean to offend anybody, not at all, but every fashion week (wherever it is) brings this "look who fashionable I am" phenomenon. 
I really bet on risking, on trying, on daring to wear things that build your own style. Maybe the problem is that the line between original and ridiculous is very thin. Who knows... The good side of this is all the inspirations you can extract from here, whatever the outfit is extravagant or not. It's not about "I like it" or "I don't", as one of my teachers used to say what's important is if "it works".

At the end of the day it's each persons business how do they dress so, let the bagons be bagons (;

check it out !


  1. En las pasarelas de moda pasa lo mismo, proponen colecciones no aptas para el dia a dia, extravangantes y sin sentido. Se trata de captar la esencia y customizarlo. Las bloguers en las fashion weeks quieren superarse unas a otras y llamar la atención. Está claro que en un pueblo no podrán ir así a la calle así que sacan todo su esplendor en estas ocasiones.
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    1. Agree, hay un sentido en explotar la parte artística en las pasarelas y siempre hay una post adaptación de las prendas no comerciales (o grandes stores como zara, h&m etc) que no traen esas adaptaciones. Yo me refería más al echo que has comentado, ese afán de superación, de captar la atención por que si ese no es su estilo, no deja de ser un disfraz ¿no?


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