03 October, 2013

FREE-AK ME baby!

Hey ya!
Today's inspirational post is full of fun! That's it, because elegance doesn't mean high heels and haute couture. I'm a big big fan of using fashion as expression. Clothes speak for you, they can show your personality, which mood you are in, what are you up to ... And nothing can speak louder than t-shirt! I am a BIG fan of T-shirt, I wouldn't be exaggerating if I say that probably I have one hundred of T-shirts collected all over the years. And my favorite T-shirts are the "freaks" ones! They are casual, smart and fun, and for me those attributes make me feel comfortable with an outfit, plus they can speak for me about my interests and concerns. In resum, T-shirts make me feel free! A year ago I created a fashion editorial about this subject, I'll show you some of the pictures soon, it was published on C-heads Magazine and I loved the result! There's not much more to say so, here you have some images and samples, KEEP ROCKING!!

Xx Clara

If you are interested on buying any of this items, check my list FREAKY T-SHIRTS on fashiolista, you can find them all there.

check it out !


  1. Absolutely love it! You have such a cute style and i really like your blog too!

    Visit my blog some time;)

    Love from Amsterdam!


  2. Thanks Karima!!

    * Kisses from London!

  3. lovely blog!!


  4. me encantan todas! con mucho rollo ;)

    1. Me alegro mucho de que te haya gustado! Un besazo desde London!

  5. Great pictures, absolutely stunning!
    Monica Harmony's Blog


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