27 April, 2015


Good afternoon everyone!
I hope you've been doing great, I've been pretty busy myself but I won't complaint at all, so far 2015 it´s been amazing! ^^ Today I finally found the time to prepare a new post, with some pictures that the amazing Oihane Molinero took few weeks ago (before London was hit by this amazing warm weather!). Once more I would like to thank her for taking the time to participate in this little project. 

The pictures where taken on a lovely Monday afternoon like today, after we had shared a cupcake and some gossips. We were walking by the river side when we found this lovely wooden bench to sit on and it gave us the idea to use something very quotidian as a background. The outfit it's more formal than what you are used to see me wearing but I think the coat it's so cool that brings a more "laid back" side to the result. The hairstyle is a very easy going bun. The skirt and the heels (that I'm in loooove with and are so comfortable that you almost can't believe it!) are from Zara and bring sophisticated pinch to the outfit.  

"Everybody needs a place to think", true enough, and if you also have a good friend and a comfy coat you can sit there think and enjoy the view of the river Thames for hours! I hope you liked it (:

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